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Hamakua Community Development Plan is having its last 3 workshops..Join in!

Hamakua CDP is Ready for the Community’s Final Input…Attend the CDP Regional Workshops!

The Hāmākua CDP Regional Community Planning Workshops (Workshop) are interactive events designed to:

  • Present proposed strategies and ideas that have come out of the CDP process
  • Capture communities’ opinions and preferences about those strategies
  • Provide the planning team guidance in developing policies and actions for the draft CDP
  • Gather to celebrate the Hāmākua Community.
Who should come?Anyone who is involved in agriculture, or the community…

It’s important all areas of agriculture have a voice…If you don’t speak up someone else will…and will that be your voice you hear when the plan is final! The plan will impact your life, income and community… 

Meeting Dates for Final Input…. See flyer for Details


Thursday March 29 5:00-9:00 p.m.

NHERC, Honoka’a Hāmākua and North

Friday March 30 5:00-9:00 p.m.
Pāpa’ikou Gym Rural South Hilo, and
Sunday April 1st Noon
Laupāhoehoe Point Gym

Additional CDP Resources & information click here



Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Bill is Back 

Please submit testimony this bill will affect every business in Hawaii!

The Senate Judicary and Labor Committee has taken a bill from last session as a vehicle to put the mandatory sick leave language back on the table (earlier versions of this session’s house and senate bills died).
A hearing on HB 341 HD4 Proposed SD1 is scheduled for this Wednesday, March 28, at 10:30 a.m. in Room 016 of the State Capitol. Because this bill has a single referral, it is the only senate committee that will hear the bill, thus the last hearing. If it passes, the measure will go for a full vote by the Senate.

We urge you to submit testimony by clicking this link or go directly to



Some of the requirements of the measure include:

1) Requires businesses of all sizes to provide employees (ie. FT, PT, temps) to provide a minimum amount of paid and safe leave to employees to be used to care for themselves or a family member who is ill or a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking.

2) Small employers with less than 100 employees who do not provide paid time off will need to give up to an unspecified number of days off.

3) For employers who already provide the benefit, it adds another layer of adminstrative burden.

4) Prohibits employers from requiring reasonable documentation unless the “sick and safe leave” exceeds three days of absence.

5) Penalizes employers for asking to verify whether someone is sick by requiring the employer to pay for the doctor’s note.

6) Paid sick leave accrues at the commencement of employment.



New Website Allows You to Comment on Department of Labor Youth Labor Rule

Regulations Would Require Sweeping Changes to Farm and Ranch Practices, Increase in Legal Liability to Farm and Ranch Families 

For many, farming and ranching is a family tradition, involving two, three or more generations as well as extended family. But proposed Department of Labor requirements for farm and ranch employers and restrictions on what youth can do on the farm would put that tradition at risk.

The lessons learned on the family farm instill respect for the land and animals, persistence, discipline and hard-work.

A new website, Keep Families Farming (, gives you the chance to have an impact on this rule. The Keep Families Farming website allows you to submit comments that will be used to show the Department of Labor and the White House the importance of the family farm and the way this rule would fundamentally change the way of life in rural America.

Because DOL is no longer accepting public comments, the Keep Families Farming website has been established to support the legislative effort on Capitol Hill, where this issue will almost certainly be voted on this summer. Your messages to the website are a critical component in building support for the effort to protect family farms.


We are asking you to submit your story of life on the farm and ranch by submitting comments through the Keep Families Farming ( website.

Add information specific to your farm and ranch with personal examples to add impact to your comments, such as:

  • As an agricultural producer, I support and provide a safe working environment for my children, young workers and all employees.
  • The Department of Labor rule does not take into account the unique organization of family farms being owned and operated by many members and generations of one family.
  • Farms and ranches provide a unique educational and training experience to learn about horticulture, animal care & welfare, equipment operation, environmental protection among other unique opportunities found exclusively on a farm.
  • Traditional farm activities performed by youth are threatened by this rule.
  • Family members and other workers on the farm are protected by numerous laws and regulations. Parts of this rule represent regulatory over-reach. It does not recognize the unique structure of today’s family farm operations and the traditions that the family farm provides to all workers.

Click here to submit your comments against the DOL Youth Labor Rule. (

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