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Honey Bee Health and Pollination Security in Hawaii Class on 4/20/2012

BEI Hawaii has announced an upcoming class on honey bee health and security in Hawaii. This educational class being sponsored by BEI Hawaii is open to all growers.


Honey Bee Health and Pollination Security in Hawaii

Danielle Downey, State Apiarist, HDOA

Friday, April 20, 2012


Waimea Civic Center Conference Room

67-5189 Kamamalu Road

Kamuela, Hawaii 96743

(next to the Waimea Police Station)


RUP Certified Applicators: Continuing education unit (CEU) to applicators is pending approval for this class by the HDOA.


RSVP: If you are planning to attend (or have questions), please contact Sanya at BEI Hawaii to reserve your spot:

Sanya Lawrence, BEI Hawaii
(808)933-7805 work
(808)640-5406 cell



Honey Bee Health and Pollination Security in Hawaii


Beekeeping in Hawaii              

  • History, current state of industry                                 10 min
  • Current Health Challenges                                             10 min
    • Varroa mite, Small Hive Beetle, Nosema
  • Pollination                                                                           15 min
    • Pollinator Diversity          
    • Providing bee habitat
    • Protecting pollinators from pesticides
  • Securing pollination for your crops                             15 min
    • Keeping bees
    • Contracting with a beekeeper



“Pesticide Risk Reduction Education” short course for Oahu (Pearl City)

“Pesticide Risk Reduction Education” short course for: * Oahu (Pearl City)
*May 21-23, 2012 (2.5 days) * Registration deadline: May 7
* Fee for registration: $100 / person
* Fee for study packet (if you need one): $35 / packet.

Please refer inquiries to me , 808-956-6007  and/or to this webpage:

Charles Nagamine

Pesticide Risk Reduction Education

Cooperative Extension Service
College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources University of Hawaii at Manoa

Bee Keepers, Are you suffering from colony collapse?

 Feel like you’re losing the battle to Varroa mites and Small Hive Beetles? 

Would you like to learn how to raise hygienic queen bees that will produce hygienic colonies, which will better defend their hives from predators?

If you have answered yes to these questions, then please join us for the BIBA Hygienic Queen Selection class, taught by master bee keeper Jeff Ritchie of Winding Road Apiaries of North Carolina.  This hands-on class will be held in the Pahoa area, beginning on Wednesday 2/8/12 and extending thru Thursday 2/19/12.

The agenda is as follows:

Day 1, Wed 2/8/12 –  Orientation, hygienic testing of colonies, setting up cell builders – 8 hrs.

Day 2, Thurs 2/9/12 –  Identifying hygienic bees, grafting from the best. – 8 hrs.

Day 3, Fri 2/10/12 –  Checking grafts / cull cells – 2.5 hrs.

Day 4-8, Sat 2/11/12 thru Wed 2/15/12 –  Feeding cell builders if necessary, and checking for webbing in the cell bars.  – 2 hrs.

Day 9, Thurs 2/16/12 –  Make-up mating nuclei at selected yards. – 2 hrs.

Day 10, Fri 2/17/12 –  Feed nuclei if needed. – 1 hr.

Day 11, Sat 2/18/12 –  Pull grafted cells from cell builders and put them into incubators, check mating nuclei for queen cells and destroy them. – 2 hrs.

Day 12, Sun 2/19/12 –  Place grafted cells into mating nuclei. – 2 hrs.

•             14-16 days later check for mated queens.

Due to the duration of this course, it may not be possible for all students to attend all days.  Days 1 thru 3 should be considered mandatory.  Days 4 thru 12 are recommended for existing bee keeper/yard owners, but all enrolled students are welcome.  Days 4 thru 12 will be videotaped, so that any students who are unable to attend all classes, can still obtain the desired training online.

The cost for this intensive hands-on training is only $75/person, with a 15 person maximum class size.  If you are interested, please don’t delay in making your reservation, as this is a one-time opportunity, and once all seats are reserved, additional students will not be accepted.  Please contact Val Kimbrough at 769-1320 for further information, or to reserve your spot today.
Email Val Kimbrough


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