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New Employee Rights Posting Requirements for April 30, 2012

This new NLRA posting regulation applies to all private-sector employers who fall within the jurisdiction of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).  The poster is available free from their web-site. 

Employees, exporters, non-profits…You may be subject to these regulations…You do not have to have 100 employees or be part of a union for these rules to apply…The Board has statutory jurisdiction over private sector employers whose activity in interstate commerce exceeds a minimal level. Over the years, it has established standards for asserting jurisdiction, which are described below. As a practical matter, the Board’s jurisdiction is very broad and covers the great majority of non-government employers with a workplace in the United States, including non-profits, employee-owned businesses, labor organizations, non-union businesses, and businesses in states with “Right to Work” laws.

See their Frequently asked questions page for details.  

The poster is available free of charge, you can order it or print your own, visit their web page and order your poster now.

The following employers are excluded from NLRB jurisdiction by statute or regulation:

  • Federal, state and local governments, including public schools, libraries, and parks, Federal Reserve banks, and wholly-owned government corporations.
  • Employers who employ only agricultural laborers, those engaged in farming operations that cultivate or harvest agricultural commodities or prepare commodities for delivery.
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