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Farm first, + then you add value added products + Direct marketing + Agritourism

Farm first, then you add+ value added products+Direct marketing+Agritourism
Direct marketing in any form can provide a diversified income stream; yet its not for all agriculture producers as it doesn’t fit their business model nor should it be a one size fits all method. Do what works for your situation.


Calling Hawaii’s Value-added agricultural producers

2012 Value Added Agriculture Product Manufacturing Grant is OPEN!

Hawaii companies; Would your product benefit from dehydration? juicing? pulverizing? concentrating? purée?

How about making a tea from your product? a nutraceutical? a fruit leather? a cosmetic? dye?
Can you bottle it? add seasonings to make a new product?

GREAT opportunity for Hawaii agricultural value-added producers! 


We are pleased to announce that the UH/CTAHR Agribusiness Incubator Program is giving away up to $25,000 to assist existing or potential food manufacturers using Hawaii agricultural products with their startup or growth. This is an exciting opportunity for anyone who is interested in being part of Hawaii’s food manufacturing industry.  Download the simple three-page grant application at 

Deadline is May 14th so don’t delay!

Should you have any questions, you can contact us at (808) 956-3530 or email us at We look forward to receiving your application!
Agribusiness Incubator Program
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