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Ag Agenda – The Voice of Agriculture – American Farm Bureau

Update Our Ports or Miss the Boat

By Bob Stallman
President, American Farm Bureau

Someone once said that it’s not leaving port, but coming in, that determines the success of a voyage. While this has some truth to it, the port that one departs from is just as important to a successful endeavor.

It may surprise many that if the planned expansion of the Panama Canal was completed tomorrow, the United States, one of the world’s largest trading powers, would only have six ports deep enough to handle the new larger ships that will pass. Yet, we are competing with all other parts of the world that are updating their ports. Since agriculture goods play a significant role in U.S. trade, modernizing our ports is extremely important for farmers and ranchers to be able to continue to thrive in the world market.

If You Build It, They Will Come

Even more surprising than the U.S. only having six large ports is the fact that all these ports are i

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#ThankaFarmer & #foodthanks

Wordle: thank a farmer

What do you say!! Let’s  give #foodthanks and #thankafarmer today? After all they fill our plates and grow food/fiber…Is there anything not affected by the agriculture industry? Thank you to everyone who helps grow ag products and the people who sustain the agriculture industry & protect our food chain!

Who can we thank? There are too many to name but let’s give them as many Thanks as possible!



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