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No, Pizza has not been declared a vegetable by Congress!

Despite the headlines they got it right! As did the Washington Post article, the Bill does not declare pizza a vegetable. All that really occurred is they blocked a change in how the nutritional value of tomato paste determined.   Tomato paste is the real controversy here, Not pizza.  Should a smaller serving of tomato paste have equal footing with a half-cup of other fruits and vegetables? Simple yes or No? Not really a simple question when you dig deeper.

The real the question! How much credit should sauce/paste be given under the nutritional guidelines? I’m not minimizing the concern of childhood obesity, but the article headlines have marketed this as  “Pizza being declared a vegetable”  

No, Congress Did NOT declare Pizza a vegetable! Read the full article in the Washington Post.

The Federal Government regulates Schools under the National School  lunch program & nutritional guidelines, it’s all complicated and the reality is what does this mean to schools in Hawaii? It’s hard to say if this decision will actually change what the school lunches look like, I doubt it.

The real question I have is pizza that unhealthy when compared to other foods we serve? Should we compare it to the rice and other foods served in the Hawaii School system. I think it’s all in the ingredients and your choices!

Here is some help in making a healthier pizza….Simple rule of thumb use lots of veggies, pile on the bell peppers, mushrooms and even add some fruit!

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